The Mozarabic Camino de Santiago (the way of St. James) has been used since the Middle Age by the pilgrims who went from Andalusia to visit the Grave of the Apostle James. The Mozarabic way passes through Almogía and continues its way through other regions of Málaga and Andalusia until reaching Córdoba.The Mozarabic Camino of Málaga starts at the church of Santiago in Málaga and crosses the Guadalhorce Valley, through the municipality of Almogía, where the pilgrims will find the arrows indicating the way to reach the embracement of the Patron Saint James. Due to the important religious patrimony of the region, this Mozarabic way of Málaga is linked from Almogia to the Marian route.
Mozarabic Camino de Santiago Route (Interterritorial  Project of Cooperation “Camino Mozarabe de Santiago”)