Description: The current location of the San Lorenzo Church is far from casual, it responds to the to the  town planning made by Lorenzo de Padilla y Eslava, during the sixteenth century, aware of the transformation it would mean to this area. Until then, in this place there was only an old house with an orchard owned by his ancestor Juan de Padilla, occupying numbers 6 and 8 of Calle Real, known as “the old palace”; and the Arcediano mill, today called Molino de Abajo. This illustrious figure ordered the construction of the church, receiving the permit in 1554, completing the work 1559. Inside the temple we find the camarín (niche) of the patroness of the Valley, la Virgen de Los Dolores (Virgin of Sorrows). The church had two tribunes opening from the palace of the Condes de los Corbos (Counts of Corbos), one leading to the side chapel and the other to the central nave, from where this distinguished family followed the religious rituals. However these were covered up in the nineteen forties.
Location: Calle Pío XII
Opening hours: Mass on Sundays at 11.00 am.