Description: This construction is a clear example of religious or sacrum architecture, however, the experts do not coincide in the sub-category of typology, some calling it a chapel for vows and others a gallery. In truth it was erected by a resident of Plazuela San Andrés, where it is situated, in the first decade of the nineteenth century in compensation for not exposing a religious niche on the façade of his house. It is square with cut stone walls in the base and four semicircular openings finished off with a roof of four slopes and glazed tiles. Joined to the structure is a fountain of 1933, which was previously attached to the tower of the Santa Maria de la Encarnación Church.
The old and no longer existing Hospital of San Andrés, used to be in this plaza, which takes its name from the chapel of the hospital dedicated to the worship of the apostle St. Andrew.
Location: Plaza San Andrés