Description: The present location of the Palace of the Counts of Corbos respond to the project of Lorenzo de Padilla y Eslava, archdeacon of Ronda and founder of the village, during the sixteenth century. For this, he asked in the first place for a building license for the church in 1554. After constructing the temple, at his own expenses, he built the palace, attaching it to the church, completing the work in 1624.
The construction was perceived as a temporary residence and at the same time as an office for colleting the rent of the jurisdiction. The first floor, built with arches to support the top floor, contained the barn and warehouse, and on the second floor, the living quarters, accessible today from the plaza el Redondón.
The top floor has undergone several alterations, the most significant being the elimination of the two tribunes that communicated with the church permitting assisting mass from the residence. The two towers that use to preside over the palace were eliminated in the nineteen forties, although one of them was reconstructed in 1946, but not respecting the original architecture.
Location: Redondón del Palacio, below calle Damas