Description: It is believed that in the year 1487, the Virgin of Fuensanta appeared to a shepherd at the place where the Chapel dedicated to her is now situated. It is known, that it was  already in existence in 1492, the year of the distribution reform of the village. In 1520 the church had a legal dispute with Brother Francisco de Priego about the chapel of Nuestra Señora de la Fuensanta, as documented by the archives of Antonio de Burgos.
The construction is set on a steep Cliffside above the River Pereila, which explains the five counter forts on the Eastern side. During the restorations in the eighteenth century, most worthy of note is the decoration of the main chapel, of 1729, conceived as a camarín (niche) bringing to mind that of the Victoria church in Málaga. The author, José de Medina, is considered one of the successors of Pedro de Mena.
Location: Road to Monda
Opening hours: during the month of May every year (consult exact dates in the tourist office)