There is a major love in Andalusia of hang-gliding and many people from all over Europe come to Andalusia, motivated by the favorable climate that allows the practice of this sport at any time of year.
For this reason, the GDR of Guadalhorce Valley, ran a cooperative project with other GDR´s  in Andalusia, to promote this activity in rural areas with conditions for this sport.
In the Guadalhorce Valley, we have two locations where we practice hang-gliding (and paragliding): Alora and Valle Abdalajís . The Alora is complementary to the one in Abdalajís Valley.
Alora has the take off point known as «La Antena» facing south and southeast, and the landing area of ​​the cemetery.
Abdalajís Valley has take-off points in four different directions:  high and low Easterly wind, Western and Northern, each with their landing areas.
Valle Abdalajís is the ideal place to practice hang gliding due to its location, orientation, topography, and climate. Not surprisingly, since the mid 80’s, this area is known amongst lovers of the sport as the capital of hang gliding. This is also the reason for the constant flow of  foreign visitors, mainly from Northern Europe, where natural conditions are not so favorable for the practice of this sport.
An interesting incentive for the professional sportsman is that  this area´s location and geographical and climatic conditions, offers the possibility of long-distance flights, in the form of triangles and round-trip flights of over 120 km, like the one from Valle Abdalajís to Torcal de Antequera, and from there on to Loja, and back to starting point.
The area of ​​Valle Abdalajís, offers a flight information board, windsocks and online weather station connected to other weather stations of Andalusia.

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