Description: In the vicinity of the Nature Reserve of El Chorro these impressive gorges carved by the River Guadalhorce in the limestone and Jurassic dolimias are 3 kilometers long, reaching heights of 300 meters and widths of less than 10 meters. The Nature Reserve Desfiladero de los Gaitanes is within the boundaries of the municipalities of Ardales, Antequera and Álora, with a surface area of 2.016 square acres. This Natural Reserve is situated next to the lakes (large reservoirs) of Guadalhorce and includes part of the mountain ranges of Sierra de la Pizarra, Sierra Llana and Sierra Huma where the highest peak is to be found, 1.191 meters above sea level. Especially imposing, is The Gorge of El Chorro or the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, a canyon carved in the rock by the river Guadalhorce, with walls up to 700 meters high and in some points less than 10 meters wide.
This area is rich in flora and fauna. Especially the areas of Sabina with the presence of eagles, griffon vultures, kestrels, hawks, owls etc. many of which nest in the rock cavities.
The Reserve has been included in the Mediterranean Intercontinental Biosphere Reserve.
El Caminito Del Rey (the King´s path) was built for communicating the hydro electrical installations of Gaitanejo with the central station of el Chorro, for facilitating the work of the employees. It very soon became a road also used by the inhabitants of the surrounding villages of El Chorro.