Description: The site of “Fuente del Sol” is to be found on the side of the mountain range of Sierra Gorda, approximately 7 km from the city center, dated in principle from the Iberian period, thanks to some ceramic discoveries. These are the most important Roman sites (a total of seven) of the municipality of Alhaurín. The establishment of a Roman settlement in this place took place between the centuries II-I B.C continuing its activity uninterrupted until the fifth century. The most significant discoveries are fragments of mosaics, a large number of common and sigillata (stamped) ceramics, amphora, pins, columns (as the ones decorating the plaza of the Town Hall) and an impluvium, possessing two steps and a hole for the drainage. This settlement reached its highest splendor during the lower Imperial period (fourth and fifth century). In the foothills of the range of Sierra Gorda, a short distance away from the mentioned enclaves, there is another site, denominated Sierra Gorda, which offers numerous constructive remains and common pottery, such as Hispanic terra sigillata and Campanian terra sigillata. There is a necropolis next to it.
Location: Road Villafranco – Alhaurín el Grande