Entity that runs and develops the project:
Guadalhorce Valley Tourism Development Group
Project partner agencies:
Interior Buñol Association Hoya-Chiva (Yatova – Valencia)
Rural Development Association of the Southeast Rioja (Arnedo, La Rioja)
Association for the Development of Rioja Alta (San Asensio – La Rioja)
Project Objectives:
The project aims at researching and finding innovative ways to encourage the creation and maintenance of employment in the region ,in order to fight unemployment and improve the operation of the labor market.

  • Comparative study to determine the impact of employment in the catering sector
  • Visits to other regions to exchange experiences
  • Seminar on job creation linked to gastronomy
  • Creation of  a social network centered on food, as a means of communication and exchange of information, materials, experiences, etc.
  • Advice for creating a gourmet Product Club as an innovative tool for managing and generating employment
  • Information seminar with the presentation of the results of the study and the project.
  • Preparation of a practical guidebook for the development of self-employment in the sector and retraining of professionals, as well as business management to favor the creation of quality employment.