Description: The principal characteristics of the landscape of Coín are the diversity and the contrasts of the mountains, the valley, the crops and cultivations and the water. The plentiful springs, rivers and streams, make Coín one of the most beautiful places of the Guadalhorce Valley. We suggest two possible routes in this area: “Majá de la Corcha” to “Sierra Negra”, a circuit starting in los Llanos del Nacimiento and ending in Cerro Alaminos.
The cultivated area of La Fuente is catalogued as outstanding, a picturesque valley with orchards and gardens and broad expanses of citrus trees. In the area of el Tajo de Rayo by the River Alaminos it is easy to spot species like the peregrine falcon, eagles, mongoose, and civet cats. The mountain and the valley also come together in the place of la Albuqueria and Pereira Alta showing a strong contrast between the mountain vegetation and the lemon and orange trees of Pereila, where we find the chapel of Our Lady de la Fuensanta. From Sierra Gorda we can enjoy a most scenic view, surrounded by the aroma of rosemary, thyme and marjoram.

Location: Partido Rural de Los LLanos