Description: From the outside of the castle one can enjoy an extraordinary view of the Guadalhorce Valley. The castle was declared a National Monument in 1931. It was built by the Arabs during the Middle Age, although its origins are Phoenician and Roman. The tower of the entrance gives access to this fortified precinct, through a horseshoe arch, unique in the West. Inside we distinguish two different areas. The first, regular and homogeneous (upper part), with six square towers built in the Caliphate period. On the contrary, the second section is much more irregular. It must have been formed by walls surrounding the first section. Almost all have disappeared. Between the two areas, we find a square tower called Torre de la Vela with a square floor plan and divided into three bodies which diminish in height and size as they rise. Outstanding in this castle is the Chapel of the Nazarene, whose peculiar historical course situates it in the main mosque of the Moorish period.
Location: Cerro de las Torres
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