Barranco Caña Route: Start your walk by the spring between the steep and luch slopes of Barranco Cañas. Below we will see how it joins the Arroyo de Marala, encounter that produces the beginning of the River Fahala.
This route can be done either on foot or mountain bike. It lasts about 2 hours, and can be done at any time of year.






Fuente del Acebuche: Our journey is through the foothills of the north side of the Sierra de Mijas. The habitat is primarily of pines, but we will also visit some sections of scrubland and bushes.
We will find some singular and attractive spots like the Spring of Acebuche or some natural viewpoints.
This is a walking route. The approximate duration is 3 hours. It can be done throughout the year.

Águila Culebrera
Caserío of Monterroso: Our route passes through a track of land with gentle slopes. The mountain landscape is predominantly scrub and bushes, with scattered forests of Mediterranean oak  and some dry crops such as almond or olive.
This routecan be done on foot or mountain bike. Its duration is approximately one-hour.
Due to high summer temperatures in the area, it is mostly recommended for winter and spring.

Collalba Rubia
Climb to the Santi Petri: It is a route that runs in the first stretch through fields of dry crops mixed with patches of indigenous Mediterranean bush. Later on the mosaic of dry farming intensifies and become more evident, and finally, after going through one of the few surviving cork forests of the region, we reach the highest peak in the municipality, a former watchtower from where former cultures kept watch over the Guadalhorce Valley and its surroundings.
This is a route for walking, with a duration of 3 hours. It is advisable to do it in autumn or winter due to the high temperatures of the summer.


Zorzal Charlo




El Chorro: Our route starts next to the Reservoir La Encantada, whose water comes from the Gudalhorce River making its way between the steep walls that surround it and that made the famous Gorge of Gaitanes. Although the route runs through the interior of the pine forest, along the route there are certain points where we can enjoy the breathtaking views from the limestone cliffs of the mountains of Sierra de Huma.
This route can be done either on foot or mountain bike. The duration is 3 hours. Recommended for spring, autumn and winter.



Buitre leonado




Monte Nacho: We start along the north side, where we find a landscape of olive and almond groves all over. These are interspersed with bits of scrub and grassland hill and some areas with small scattered stands of pines, and cliffs full of caves and cavities. As we climb the landscape changes, leaving the crops behind and finding just scrub and grassland areas. A walk around the mountain top will give us a view of the surrounding white villages, valleys and mountains..
This route can be done either on foot or mountain bike. Approximate travel time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. It is advisable to do it in spring, autumn and winter.



Buho Real





The Espartales: Our trail runs in circle along the lower part of the mountain range of  cártama (Sierra de Los Espartales and Sierra Llana). These mountains are located between two valleys, the Guadalhorce River depression and the one formed between the Sierra de Mijas and the above mentioned mountains.
We move through scrubland, and areas with scattered bushes and trees to finally reach the small pine forest that leans on the northern rocky side of the mountain.
This route was once used as a passage between the two valleys.
It is for doing on foot. It can be done in spring, autumn and winter. The duration is 3 hours.




Curruca Rabilarga




Junta de los Rios: Our itinerary covers «la Junta», the name of the point where the Rio Grande and Rio Guadalhorce join.
A stroll through this orchard, shows how the rivers are a fundamental part of the life and living of our people.
Access to our route is from the road (A-357) that joins Pizarra and Cártama, at the petrol station next to the Rio Grande bridge (km. 46).
It can be done either on foot or mountain bike. The lenght is approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes. It can be done throughout the year except in summer.










Cerro Gordo: Our goal in this route is to climb to the top of a hill with magnificent views of the surrounding valleys and mountains. It is a very interesting tour for observing butterflies and of course, birds. This enclave stands out in the region for the observation of migratory birds. Most of the tour is populated with Aleppo pines and scrubland. Higher up, the pines disappear and scrubs and esparto grass dominate the landscape.
This is a route for walking. It lasts 2 hours. It is advisable in spring and winter.



Mariposa Macaón




Sierra Blanca: Our road runs along a forest trail through a mature pine forest, with bushes such as juniper, as well as Mediterranean oaks and even the odd strawberry tree or gall in the shade.
We will have the opportunity to look out over a valley with an interesting biodiversity of flora and fauna, besides being a particularly attractive geological location. Finally we will cross some charming plains with thick bush land.
The completion of the route is on foot. It lasts 2 hours 45 minutes. Spring time is recommended.




Ratonero Común




Los Llanos-Valdeperales: This route takes us through a maze of canals that give life to the fruit orchards and vegetable fields that are intermingle with olive and almond trees.
It is an agrarian design, containing everything from herbs and leguminous plants to fruit trees and conifers. And between all the green, small farmhouses, old walls and other interesting structures that convert the area in a suitable habitat for a multitude of birds of different species.
It can be done on foot or mountain bike. It lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes.
It is advised for spring and winter.











Climb to the Santo: Our route passes at the foot of the impressive cliffs of the Sierra de Gibralmora up to the Santo, an emblematic place in Pizarra,  dominating much of the Guadalhorce Valley. Our senses full of the images, smells and delights from the top of the hill, we descend through the park of Raja Ancha, enjoying the walk through a coniferous forest to the village.
It can be done on foot or by mountain bike. The length is 2 hours and 30 minutes.
It can be done all year except in summer.




Roquero solitario




Gibralmora: This route shows a landscape of olive trees, almond and carob trees, combined with thicket and bush land around the foothills of the Sierra de Gibralmora. Archaeological sites, cortijos, threshing floors, presses and wells take us back to a bygone era. We then go up the northeastern side to reach the top and look out from the spectacular observation point showing magnificent views of  the whole valley and its surroundings.
It can be done on foot or mountain bike. It lasts 4 hours and 30 minutes.
It is advisable for all seasons of the year, except in summer.






Alcaudón Real





La Charcuela: Este recorrido nos acerca a la fauna y flora de un tramo  del curso medio-bajo del Río Guadalhorce. Eucaliptos, tarajes, cañaveras, juncos y algunos álamos blancos, además de diferentes gramíneas y un sin fin de plantas herbáceas, dan cobertura vegetal a este estrecho río. El agua se convierte en el recurso básico que mantiene el hervidero de vida de este entorno: aves acuáticas, rapaces, insectívoras, granívoras…Aquí confluyen diferentes grupos de aves y otra fauna a lo largo de todo el año. Es un punto de encuentro de biodiversidad.

Se puede realizar a pie y en bici de montaña. Su duración es de 1 hora.

Es aconsejable realizarla en todas la épocas del año menos en verano.



Garza Real




The Capilla: This route takes us to the highlands of the mountain with the town of Valle de Abdalajís at its feet.
It is a rocky landscape of white and gray colors, with dizzying cliffs where the most daring dream to fly together with majestic vultures. Embellished with whimsical grooves, rocks sculpted by water through millenniums, this mountain landscape gives us a beautiful picture of our entire region and its environment.
It can be done on foot. Its duration is 3 hours.
Is advised in all seasons of the year, except in summer.






Colirrojo Tizón



From the Nacimiento to the Pedreras: We leave from the town of Valle Abdalajís. We walk along rural roads and agricultural landscapes dotted with scrub and grassland areas, always in the shade of large limestone mountains in the surroundings of the Natural Gorge of Gaitanes. Finally, we enter the pine forest that takes us to the neighborhood of El Chorro, located in a depression between huge vertical walls through which the Guadalhorce River makes its way, giving way to El Chorro.
It can be done on foot or mountain bike. It takes 4 hours. Good in all seasons, except summer.



Curruca Cabecinegra


For more information on routes consult our ornithological guide book “Mira Quien Vuela” edited by the Guadalhorce Valley.