Description: To the southeast of the town, we find the remains of the Fahala fortress (medieval-Arabic), also called the Towers, between its namesake river and the creek Sanguino. Situated on a plain of 230 meters of altitude with an extension close to 20000 m2, even today one can appreciate the remains of city walls, ceramics, tiles and bricks at the site it once occupied. The height and thickness of the scarce wall paintings that have been preserved (of 5 meters height by 2 meters width) indicate that this location must have been very important. Its exterior circuit bordered the small plain on which it is situated, being marked by some towers. As for the present visible walls, we find differences in fabrication. The most recent ones were built with rubble work, with stones cut on the external side, sculpted and united by mortar.
Location: Camino de Urique – Fahala