The “faeneras” were the women who handled the farm products in the Guadalhorce Valley like lemons, oranges, almonds, figs etc. in the first half of the twentieth century.


The “cascareros” are one of the main hallmarks of our rural architectural patrimony, being a style exclusive to the Guadalhorce Valley. The “cascareros” are strong framing structures and they owe their name to the main tasks they performed, the drying of the citrus peels (cáscaras). Although they were also used for drying other types of characteristic fruits of the area, such as almonds and figs.

Typical country house of the Guadalhorce Valley

The typical country house in the Valley of Guadalhorce is a simple house, with low ceilings and small windows, with thick and whitewashed walls. It had a kitchen-dining room and a bedroom where all the members of the family slept together. In front of the main façade there was a covered porch with vines offering shade during the whole summer. Behind the house, annexed to it, was the shelter for the animals.