Cachorreñas Soup

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-fresh bread (a small handful, not the crust)

-orange Peel  (of half an orange)

-200 g Cod  fish

-2 grains of black pepper

-extra Virgin Verdial Olive Oil

-1-2 Garlic cloves


-fresh ground pepper, a flat tablespoonful


Crush the garlic cloves and the pepper in a mortar, add the bread crumbs soaked in water (or a little vinegar) as well as paprika, a little olive oil (incorporate gradually to make the dough) and mix until reaching an even blend without lumps.

Meanwhile, the cod, which must first be desalted, is boiled. It is removed and shredded.

Pour the contents of the mortar into the cooking broth (once it dilutes add a little water) the orange peel, boil a little (10 minutes) and remove the orange peel (if not, it will embitter) and add the cod. Before having you can add a little vinegar (if we have not previously incorporated this into the bread).

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