The Trilla song

Both in Cártama (suburb of El Sexmo), and in Álora and Almogía, a celebration of Trilla song and lullaby competitions take place with the arrival of the harvest (August and September), a magnificent chance to become acquainted with a good part of the oral tradition which, having been passed on from parents to children, refers to the work of the land by the help of animals like mules.


The Verdial is a popular folk song. It can be considered as a type of happy fandango (a flamenco style). Its origins are linked to the rural life and it was spread thanks to the popularity it had amongst the peasants.

The instruments vary from one style to another, but in general we can distinguish the violin, the guitar, the tambourine and the cymbal.

The most distinguished part of the typical costume is the hat or headgear, of large dimensions and decorated with cheerful colored ribbons and a countless amount of tiny and unusual objects.